Nakupenda, Njeri

I often find myself somewhere between a captivating story & a decadent dessert.

Nakupenda, Njeri translates from Swahili to ‘sincerely with love, Njeri’ and encapsulates the main ingredient in everything I do and bake - love. This corner of the Internet is where I share my love for food, travel, loving others, current events and lifestyle, in hope that you too will join my journey with both your taste buds and curiosity.


ABOUT: Njeri

Hi, I'm Njeri! A twenty-something Philly-dweller who is turning her love of cake into the small business of her dreams.

I was born in Kenya, raised in PA, educated (college) in DC and have found my way back to PA working for a leading wealth management firm. I am a committed kitchen gadget junkie, but my truest passions are travel, food, culture and service to others. 

Email me anytime at, or find me on Instagram or Facebook.




How did it all begin? 

After a heartbreaking yet empowering visit to an orphanage in Kenya (2007), I created Recipe for the Cure – a charity that allowed me to harness my passion for baking and donate all proceeds back to the lives that had touched me in Kenya. I’ve been hooked on the magic that is baking, ever since. Fast-forward 9 years and I’m starting a bold new business venture: Nakupenda, Njeri.